Heart of Everything lends support to individuals of all walks of life in an effort to provide opportunities to develop their potential to the fullest, and that development begins with a solid education.  Heart of Everything currently offers scholarships for private bilingual education and housing in Honduras.

Meeting the demands of inflation is a challenge no matter where you live.  Just as in the United States, other areas of the world are experiencing the effect of rising cost of oil and economic turmoil.  This year, the average inflation rise in Honduras was a staggering 30%.  This has affected our financial assistances for students and costs for this year have seen substantial increase.  If you are able to help us support any part of a child’s education, we welcome your contributions. Please send what you can – every little bit helps.

Without the help of sponsorships, most of these children can not afford to receive secondary education in a bilingual school. This quality education allows students greater opportunity to become builders and leaders of their communities and provide a positive impact both economically and socially.

Your generosity and kindness has significantly affected and helped shape so many lives in Honduras.   Heart of Everything thanks you with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

2010-2011 Tuition costs

  Pre-School    Primary Secondary High School
  (PK & K) (1-6) (7-9)  
Tuition $1,005 $1,215 $1,670  
Books $175 $205 $225  
Registration $40 $30 $30  
Uniform $175 $175 $175  
Food $560 $560 $560  
Transport $240 $240 $240  
Lab Fees 0 $35 $35  


2009- 2010 Scholarship Recipients

Three students are currently sponsored at the Mayatan Bilingual School for the 2009-2010 school year.

A full academic scholarship was awared to Katia, age 10, and her brother, Roberto Carlos, age 6.  Both children are attending the Mayatan Bilingual School in Copan, Honduras.  Their father is a waiter at a local hotel and without scholarship support, he would not be able to afford for his children to attend the Mayatan School.

Heart of Everything is also sponsoring Jose Danilo Vasquez with a $500.00 housing scholarship.

If you are interested in committing any level of support toward their continued scholarships Heart of Everything will continue to administer donations for their education at the Mayatan School.

We are currently accepting donations toward the 2010-2011 school year.  If you would like to contribute, please send your check to the address below.


In June 2009, two of our scholarship recipients graduated from high school and another student is graduating from college.  Congratulations go out to these three students and to the sponsors who made it possible.

These accomplishments would not have been possible without your compassion and financial contributions - from the bottom our all our hearts, THANK YOU!!

 Karla Lamley
Director of Heart of Everything
745 N Gilbert Rd
Ste124, PMB 288
Gilbert, AZ 85234