In Honduras donations are used to:

  • Grant academic-financial scholarships to qualifying students.
  • English and Spanish text books for the Mayatan Bilingual School in Copan, Honduras.
  • Raise funds for student meals while attending school.

Currently, Heart of Everything sponsors projects in Honduras and Guatemala.

Since 2007, Heart of Everything has helped to raise funds that were instrumental in the development of a science lab at the Mayatan Bilingual School in Copan, Honduras.

Due to the success from the 2009 fundraising project, the school is now accredited to teach grades 10-12. 

Our Work In Honduras: We have a scholarship program which grants funds for 2 children to attend school in Copán Honduras. This school is grades pre K-12, and all education is in English and all children also take Spanish as and additional language class.

Donations are accepted for housing and heals separate from the scholarships that we grant to students at Mayatan.   

2013 We continue to support children in Copan to attend Mayatan Bilingual School.